Our Mission

The Little Things Community Pantry's mission is to coordinate the support and resources of individuals and resources for the betterment of the our community by supporting those most in need.

Please visit the "About Us" page for more about our organization, how it was started, and what we aim to do for the communities and individuals in need. 

Our Primary Projects and Services

Throughout the year, we lead the coordination of various types of community drives to ensure that our communities have some of life's essential supplies.

Support to communities is not just about tangible resources and money, so we organize events that provide a service and dedicated time those most vulnerable and in need.

It can be difficult to navigate different potential programs and resources--especially those who are experiencing hardships--this is why we support obtaining information, connections, and referrals to available programs and resources.

Are you a family in need of support?

Please see our "Families in Need" page.

Are you a community-based organization (or company) looking to support or donate to The Little Things Community Pantry?

For questions, requests, or potential partnerships, please contact us: 

                           Phone: (732) 639-1129 | Email: LittleThingsPantry@gmail.com

NOTE: Anyone experiencing an emergency (e.g., health, housing, etc.) should contact their local government agencies for immediate support and resources.